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Leroy Deardorff Leroy Deardorff

Environmental Director

Leroy Deardorff

Leroy Deardorff is the Environmental Protection Program Director of the Lummi Natural Resources Department. He is a Vietnam-era Navy veteran with a B.S. degree in Environmental Sciences and over 25 years of experience in administrative, technical, and policy positions with the Lummi Nation. He is a commercial, ceremonial, and subsistence fisherman. Leroy has been an elected member of the Lummi Indian Business Council, a member of the Lummi Commercial Company, a member of the Lummi Development Authority, and a Planning Department Commissioner. Leroy serves on numerous negotiation teams for the Lummi Nation including the Water Team, the Tidelands Team, and the Lummi Island Ferry Task Force.


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Leroy Deardorff and Merle Jefferson.

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