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Pacific salmon are an integral part of the economy, ecology, and culture in the Pacific Northwest. Lummi Nation Fishers rely on the annual return of salmon for their financial and spiritual well being. Salmon fisheries are structured to coincide with the return of these fish to their home waters. There are five species of pacific salmon, and two species of anadromous trout. They are: Chinook salmon, chum salmon, coho salmon, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, steelhead, and cutthroat trout. The Nooksack River produces all seven species of salmon and trout. Return timing for these fish varies between species, but the majority of adult salmon return to the Nooksack River from August through December.

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Custom-built carts used to transport LIBI sampling equipment over soft-sediment tidelands.

Tony George and Dacia Wiitala sampling muddy tidelands in Onion Bay.

Beach seineing for juvenile salmon in the mainstem Nooksack River. The Lummi screwtrap is visible in the background.

Sampling the Ceremonial and Subsistence catch to obtain biological data for fishery management.