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Our Mission

Develop and maintain a cooperative working relationship with contractors and sub-contractors while working under the guidelines of the TERO Ordinance. Referring qualified tribal members for employment and training.

The Tribal Employment Rights Office

The Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) was created to effectively administer the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance with the purpose of creating employment and training opportunities and working to eradicate discrimination against Lummi tribal members.

The TERO office is governed directly by the TERO Commission which was created to enforce Indian Preference, establish and collect TERO fees, establish and enforce TERO regulations, and to safeguard the jurisdiction of the Lummi Nation. Additional powers and duties of the TERO Commission are described in Title 25 of the Lummi Code of Laws.


  • Address the deplorable rate of poverty, unemployment and underemployment that exist among native people living on reservations
  • Eliminate discriminatory and other historical barriers tribal members face while seeking employment and business opportunities on or near reservations.
  • Ensure that tribal members receive their rightful entitlements as intended under the concept of Indian Preference.


Indian Preference is a legal right that tribal members have that entitles them to first consideration to all employment, training, contracting, subcontracting, and business opportunities that exist on and, in some cases, near reservations.


  • Securing Indian Preference with regards to contractors and subcontractors of the Lummi Nation.
  • The process helping others realize the importance of creating employment and training opportunities for Lummi community members.
  • Maintaining a close, working relationship with all entities of the Lummi Nation.
  • Working with Equal Employment Opportunity Council, and the Federal government including the Department of Labor.
  • Utilizing all resources of the employment and Training Center in order to carry out the training needs of the Lummi community.


If you are a tribal member, and are interested in pursuing employment opportunities through TERO, please fill out a Workforce Survey. This survey will allow us to understand the career you are interested in pursuing, applicable training, and education level achieved. Once this survey is completed, we can enter you into our employment database.

Once you are entered into the employment database, a TERO representative will contact you when appropriate employment opportunities arise. For this reason, please ensure that contact information is kept current: inform the TERO office with any change of address or phone number.


  • Kathy Pierre, Chair
  • Donna Cultee
  • Reynold James, Sr.
  • Connie Kinley

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